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How to Install and Operate The Rotary Drum Dryer Safely?

In case of exception occurs, the emergency stop switch must be stopped before going in the dryer, the power must not be open before cleaning up .the spotter of the dryer cannot be allowed to leave the dryer, cleaning the dryer, the operator should not be allowed to bring gloves.the starting of the...

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How to Install The Motor of PE Jaw Crusher in Ore Process?

Can the crusher handle the maximum capacity without undue strain?Don’t think you can overload your crusher without paying a penalty. If you are overloading your hammer crusher, you are dramatically increasing your maintenance costs and shortening the life of the machine. If you foresee times when...

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What Is The Requirements in The Design of Rotary Kiln?

Exhaust gas of rotary kiln and decomposing furnace go two different cyclone tube respectively, and there are separate exhaust fan, the wind provided by tertiary air duct is used for fuel combustion in the rotary kiln, no waste gas mixed phenomenon, for the decomposition of pulverized coal...

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What is Teachers Day?

Learn teachers day and who is Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers day quotes and messages.

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Lane bridge four rope grab the rope around the law and working principle

Lane on the bridge, each equipped with two sets of double loops tube, each coil tube leads to two ropes, one group of two ropes were tied at both ends of oblique shell grab gimbals or (sling ring and tie rope wheels), the rope used for support. Another group of two wire rope used for opening and...


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